1. One of seven “Peony” boxes. Each with a unique drawing of the same dried flower

  2. lillianmaxwell:

    good to know!

  3. Working on this blanket…

  4. My henna from Wedding for Unknown

  5. Our table at Spudnik Press’ Hashbrown chili cook off! 

  7. Made a new pencil box

  8. North Branch Projects presents chocolate chili for Spudnik Press’s chili cook-off: The Hashbrown. February 22nd!

  10. Teaching/constructing these recipe boxes for Potluck: Chicago


  11. mariser:

    Shovels and Rope -Birmingham


  12. Employment

    :’ ) !!!

    You’re looking at the Resident Liaison at the Ragdale Foundation.

  13. -15f this morning.

  15. Double pamphlet!