1. Free Air

  2. Making seed packets with Regin Igloria & Moki Tantoko

  3. Tomatoes I grew from seed early spring.

    I’ll use seeds from these tomatoes in two of my upcoming performances.

    Out of Site -September 5th 5-7pm Wicker Park

    Lakeview Festival of the Arts - September 13 & 14 10am-10pm Lakeview

    Free Air:

    "Plant You Now, Dig You Later"

  4. My mom teaching a caterpillar to do tricks, spring 2013 in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago

  5. Free Air collaborator, Regin Igloria (above) and his father (below) preparing pineapples to be eaten. 

  6. My produce sticker collection as of today: August 25, 2014.

  7. Emberly and I after performing City Alive With Dreams by The Queen of Luxuria, Carron a Little at 6018North in Chicago tonight.

  9. Mom sorting her bingo chips at Croatian Hall.

    Johnstown, PA

  10. preparing materials for my grass piece…

  11. Free Air Plant You Now, Dig You Later 

    seed packet lables

  12. Free Air produce sticker

  13. Johnstown, PA
    Summer 2014

  14. Looks like an orange slice appeared in my coffee.

  15. Looks like an orange slice appeared in my coffee.