1. Taking our mexican vendor trike on temporary loan from the Wormfarm Institute around Lake Forest…

    It’s pretty rusty at this point and needs a tune-up. But Free Air is making improvements! Its first appearance will be at  Out of Site Chicago September 5th, 5-7 pm.

    Plant You Now, Dig You Later

    and interactive performance work by Free Air and collaborator, Moki Tantoko. Free Air is Amy Sinclair and Regin Igloria. 


  3. Working on patch & sticker designs for Free Air, “Plant You Now, Dig You Later”

  5. Journals made with onion skin paper.

  6. Happy Birthday Regin!

  7. Some of the masks I made for our “Garden of Good & Evil” masquerade gala at the Ragdale Foundation, June 14th

  8. Chicago Artist Month 2014

    Free Air Produce Exchange

  9. example seed packet for Free Air: Plant You Now, Dig You Later

  10. Free Air produce stickers

  11. proposed bicycle cart for Free Air: Plant You Now, Dig You Later

    AiOP: Indianapolis and Out of Site: Chicago, Fall 2014

  12. My first batch of bath bombs. Success!


  13. Plant You Now, Dig You Later. Scheduled to perform as Free Air with Regin Igloria in Wicker Park, Chicago http://outofsitechicago.org


  14. "It is physically and emotionally draining to be called upon to prove that these systems of power exist. For many of us, just struggling against them is enough — now you want us to break them down for you? Imagine having weights tied to your feet and a gag around your mouth, and then being asked to explain why you think you are at an unfair disadvantage. Imagine watching a video where a young man promises to kill women who chose not to sleep with him and then being forced to engage with the idea that maybe you are just a hysterical feminist seeing misogyny where there is none. It is incredibly painful to feel that in order for you to care about my safety, I have to win this verbal contest you have constructed “for fun.”"
  15. Free Air is Amy Sinclair and Regin Igloria. Proposed is a temporary outdoor installation piece set for Fermentation Fest presented and organized by the Wormfarm Institute in Reedsburg, WI, October 4-13th, 2014. Performances and free workshops are scheduled for both weekends.